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It begins with making your day gain some UMPH and Energy. Then it gets to suppressing your appetite. Your body can then burn stored fat (unwanted fat and therefore unwanted inches) as it increases your energy and reduces your clothing sizes! Adding plôs thermo to our “Night-time Bio-Hacking Wonder Product of zlēm™” and you get a Weight Loss DUO! See more information on that here.

Then to Add to the Weight Loss Success of zlēm™ came plôs thermo, [pronounced plus]: This is the Weight Loss DUO. Rory suggests taking the plôs thermo with Coffee or a beverage with the caffeine from 1 cup of coffee to activate this. This is a thermogenic bio-hacking product that increases your energy (burning those unwanted inches and pounds) while suppressing your Appetite. Be sure to set your alarm to remind yourself to eat lunch!

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