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Bio Hacking has created ways to better our health and life in absolutely dramatic ways. This is something Everyone Needs. You need to see it. And the best way to see it is to get the information here, order the product and try it out yourself.

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There are 6 Incredible Products. All of which have made a huge impact into my life. I came into contact with these products through my friend and business mentor Rory Ricord. Rory has been a part of this revolutionary Bio-Hacking Company just a few months after it launched in May of 2020. He has since lost over 60 Pounds, looks incredibly younger (at least 10 years) and his passion and results have led me to be a believer and wanting to share this with everyone.

First it started with brān®, pronounced [breyn]: This is an incredible ENERGY, Stamina and BRAIN enhancing product. Rory has not had a single energy drink since October 2020 because of this. And while he takes 2 to 6 a day. And when you are on this, you are going to feel incredible. Great pre and post workout as well as for ump throughout the day.

Then came zlēm™, pronounced [zleem]: This is where Better Sleep, Weight Management and Optimization come into the bio-hacking AWESOME-ness. Rory has lost over 60 pounds because of the way these products work together. Zlem taken 30 minutes before bed allows for incredible deep sleep and restoring of your body while reducing your stored fat. Yes. This is Incredible.

Followed by the Youth Serum that is Rightfully named uüth™ [pronounced yüth]. And while Rory looks ten years younger. This bio-hacking product helps with joints and joint pain. There is a huge benefit to what this offers your body from the Inside-Out for Younger, fuller, better skin, hair, nails and more. The benefits to your blood flow, libido. Just Wow! Something for anyone and everyone over the age of 30! Suggested that this be taken first thing in the Morning. For those looking to reduce the wrinkles and increase Joint health, another in the late afternoon is suggested.

Then to Add to the Weight Loss Success of zlēm™ came plôs thermo, [pronounced plus]: This is the Weight Loss DUO. Rory suggests taking the plôs thermo with Coffee or a beverage with the caffeine from 1 cup of coffee to activate this. This is a thermogenic bio-hacking product that increases your energy (burning those unwanted inches and pounds) while suppressing your Appetite. Be sure to set your alarm to remind yourself to eat lunch!

And then came the Gut Health Snap called byōm™️ [pronounced by-ohm]: This is necessary for many. Our Gut is our 2nd Brain. Controls and effects our bodies overall health in so many ways. Many of which Science is just now finding out and proving. This is the first of its kind in “Snap” form. Liquid and Readily put into work from the moment it enters your mouth. Tastes great and gets your Gut Health going. Looking to lose a lot of weight? This is an absolute must have. Frankly; We all need this. The results shared by the Community on this is astounding.

Along this incredible Addition to our Products Marketed with Velovita and RRR247 came a Category Changer of its own in tuün™ RESONATE: This is by Far one of the most Awesome Products to share with those we love and care for. This is about protecting our Frequency. We are supposed to be sharing the Frequency of the Earth. And with all the Cellular Pollution, Radio, WiFi, Smart Meters, and everything that emits or creates Frequencies; We need this protection. More and more data and experts are coming out to warn the public about the harm being done with so many Frequencies around our Human Bodies. When you understand even a little about the real threat this invisible “ENEMY” has on us, you will want this. WE have it!

You can Order Individually Here as a Customer, or

You Can Order as a Member (and get all of the products) and get the best Value Here

We all have been raving about this product line. You will see that our Online Community is all about these products. And they are making a huge difference in the betterment and quality of life.

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